EV#01 Land In Sight
a movie by Antje Kruska and Judith Keil 29th September at 15.00
room A3 / Polis Universiteti
PREviewEV#00 Rruga by Su Tomesen 22th September at 15.30 Polis Universiteti EV#02 Young Balkan Designers exhibition from 30th September to 5th October
vernissage / 30th September 15.30
MAD Center / Polis Universiteti
EV#04 Pecha Kucha Vol.03 7th October at 20.00
Destil Albania / rruga Qemal Gurnjaku
EV#03 TAW OPENING PARTY 30th September at 21.00
Destil Albania / rruga Qemal Gurnjaku
EV#06 the Swiss touch in landscape architecture Exhibition from 10th to 16th October
vernissage / 10th October at 12.45 Main hall / Polis Universiteti
EV#07 Competition Exhibition 18th October at 19.00 Destil Albania / rruga Qemal Gurnjaku EV#05 Il Coraggio del Proprio Tempo
by Fondazione F. Albini 11th October / POLIS Universiteti
EV#08 Finissage Party 28th October at 19.30 COMING SOON

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