Designing co-design tools
by Jacob Buur 25th October Universiteti Polis

Most designers understand that ‘designing’ requires so much more than creating new exciting products or services. Great ideas only move somewhere, if people accept them: the users, customers, clients. And perhaps they only ever get great, if they were co-designed together with the people who are going to produce them, sell them, use them.

It is time to show how professional designers can contribute their ingenuity to building tools for co-design. Tools that allow people with different backgrounds to engage in discussing important matters. In this talk I’ll show examples of provotypes, tangible business models, video tools, and games that were designed to foster co-creation.


Jacob Buur is professor of User-Centred Design at the University of Southern Denmark, and research director of the SDU Design Research Centre. With more than 25 employees, SDU Design brings together researchers from Human Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering to embrace design from a set of complementary perspectives and methods. Prior to Jacob Buur’s appointment at the university he was manager of the user-centred design group at Danfoss A/S for 10 years. He completed a MSc in Engineering and a PhD in Design Methods at the Technical University of Denmark. He takes a keen interest in methods for studying and involving users in design, and in particular he has developed video techniques for bridging user studies and innovation.

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