Sotir Dhamo

POLIS founder and administrator


Sotir Dhamo is an architect and urban planner with a great deal of experience in the fields of design and urban planning. He is also the author of several research studies conducted by the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Ministry of Public Work and Territory Regulation, Co-Plan, the Institute for Habitat Developemnt, etc. Sotir is one of the founders of POLIS University, the International School of Architecture and Urban Developemnt Policies in Tirana. In addition, he has earned a Marster’s degree in public Administration from the Syracuse University, a course with a particular focus on space transformation and development at an urban and territorial level.

Endrit Marku

POLIS lecturer and Metro_POLIS Architecture office Director


Endrit is a lecturer at POLIS University teaching courses such as “Architecture Theory and  Design” and “Interior Architecture”. Since 2008,  Endrit is part of Metro_POLIS Associated – architecture and planning practice, working initially as an architect and currently as the Director and leading architect of the studio. He graduated as architect at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. He has an extensive experience in architectural and urban design as well as working with the communities and local governance. Endrit has been engaged with the design and implementation of several projects such as the development plans for a number of municipalities and communes, in landscape and urban projects as well as numerous architectural objects. He has been actively participating in national and international conferences and seminars, also receiving nominations and awards in international architectural competitions (best local studio for Vlora waterfront, Innovation Prize in cooperation with KCAP for the extension of the boulevard of Tirana, etc). Endrit currently pursues his PhD, researching the relationship among authority and architecture, its manifestation in the design of the public spaces and their everyday use.

Ledian Bregasi

POLIS lecturer and President of the Albanian Union of Architects and Urban Planners


Architect Ledian Bregasi graduated from Sapienza University of Rome, where he also completed his doctoral thesis focusing on the emergent properties of complex systems and their possible applications in architectural and urban design.

Since 2010 works as a lecturer at POLIS University in Tirana, where theoretical research is accompanied by applied research through participation in several award-winning international competitions. In 2013 he co-curator of the first edition of the Tirana Design Week, a biennial event organized by POLIS University. Since 2012 he is President  of the Albanian Union of Architects and Urban Planners, an association of professionals that has among its objectives the advancement of the architectural debate and the promotion of professional excellence.

Herida Duro

Head of Artistic Creativity sector of Albanian Ministry of Culture

Herida Duro is a PHD candidate on “Art and Culture Heritage” from the Faculty of History and Philology. She holds a Master and a Bachelor Degree in Viola Instrument and Chamber Music from the University of Arts and a Bachelor Degree in Law from the University of Tirana. Since 2008 she is a civil servant of the Albanian Public Administration, working at the Ministry of Culture of Albania as Head of Artistic Creativity Sector and since 2014 as a Director of Artistic Creativity and Education through Culture Directorate. Moreover, she is a part-time lecturer at the University of Arts in Tirana; National Contact Point of the “Culture” Programme and Member of Creative Europe Desk Albania; Culture Council member of the Municipality of Tirana; Member of the Executive Board of the National Theatre of Opera House and member of the working groups for several cultural international projects. Her whole education and professional experience is not only dedicated to build up and enforce networks in the field of art and culture; to follow the latest development in the cultural sector and the institutional context, but also to music performance. Since 1999, she was part of International Orchestras as "Classica Italiana” Symphonic of Piemonte, Savona, Valle D’Aosta, Youth Orchestra “Allegretto Albania”, Unite Europe Chamber Orchestra, “Domes” and “Haute Auvergne” France, Jurassien Orchestra in Swiss, directed by the well-known artist Ennio Morricone, Enrico Dindo, Peter Lukas Graf, Marcello Rota, Renato Serio and leads her own String Quartet performing not only in Albania, but also in Europe.


Alessandro Melis

Professor at University of Portsmouth


Alessandro joined the University of Portsmouth in 2016. His specialist teaching, supervisory and research interests are in the fields of climate sensitive design, sustainable strategies for urban mutations, environmental policies, radical theories and criticism, resilience, and sustainable conservation. Previously, at the University of Auckland, he was the head of the technology area and director of the Postgraduate engagement (school of Architecture and Planning). He has been a guest professor in Austria (die Angewandte Vienna) and Germany (Anhalt University Dessau), honorary fellow at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and a keynote speaker at the China Academy of Art, at the MoMA New York and at the Venice Biennale. He has written books and articles published in Europe, New Zealand and USA. In 1996 he founded Heliopolis 21, an architecture and urban design firm based in Italy and Germany (Berlin). H21 received several awards and carried out design projects in partnership with world class architects such as Coop Himmelblau, Greg Lynn Form, Diener & Diener, and Asymptote. His projects have been widely published in international magazines including GA Documents.

Antonino Di Raimo

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Design and Engineering at Polis University


Antonino Di Raimo, architect, received a Doctoral Degree in Architecture by University of Rome, La Sapienza where he also taught architecture design. His main area of research focuses on the relations between human body and architecture. Antonino has been part of various international architecture competition, such as the FEIDAD - Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Competition where he has been awarded as one of top 10. As GAI funded scholar at Flux Laboratory in Geneva, from the Italian Ministry of Culture, he developed a research project about space, dance, and architecture. He has been writing for various trade magazines, such as ‘L’Architetto Italiano’, ‘Metamorfosi-Quaderni di Architettura’ and contributing with various articles to the book ‘Architettura and Information Technology’. In 2010 he presented his research at ACADIA 2010 Conference, Life in:formation, Cooper Union University. He is the author of the essay ‘Francois Roche Heretical Machinism and Living Architecture of New’ published within the IT Revolution book series (Italian and English edition). He is also the author of  ‘Mente, corpo, informazione. Per un’agenda dell’Embodiment in architettura’ (Mind, Body, Information. For an Embodiment architectural agenda, published by  Quodlibet. Since 2012 he is the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Design and Engineering (FAED) at Polis University, Tirana where he also teaches architecture design courses and coordinates the IF – Innovation Factory research-unit in architecture, design and planning.


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