[CO] HABITATION TACTICS Imagining future spaces in architecture, city and landscape Universiteti POLIS | Tirana | 16 - 29 September 2018

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Tirana Architecture Week reaches its fourth edition, contributing to position Tirana and, more in general Albania, in the European and World map. The previous editions successfully accomplished the mission of exposing Albania to the international panorama, with important guests such as Peter Eisenmann, Kengo Kuma, Mario Cusinella, Winy Maas, Massimiliano Fuksas, Wolf Prix, Francine Houben, Francius Roche, to mentions just a few.


Topics of the past editions

TAW2016 “Architecture that matters”

TAW2014 “[EN]visioning future cities”

TAW2012 “[RE]appropriation of the city”



[POLIS University]


Founded in 2006, POLIS University - the International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies - is a young, yet ambitious and engaged, research-led higher education institution, supporting a focused range of core disciplines in the fields of architecture, urban planning, design and environmental management. With its forerunner approach, POLIS aims at building a critical mass prepared to face the country’s development needs and patterns, as well as Albania’s aspiration to develop following EU standards.

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