- in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Culture -

is glad to announce the  WINNERS of the competition

"Transformations that matter"


The final exhibition of the winners, honorable mentions and best projects will take open in Destil Tirana on the 18th October.

1st place


team / Hermann Kamte

country / Cameroon


jury's comment / The jury appreciated the deep analytical approach aiming to propose a strong and simple context-related strategy.

2nd place

Performative Clouds

team / Lazar Belic, Anastasija Protic

country / Serbia


jury comment's / The jury appreciated the delicate sensibility of creating an interesting atmosphere through innovative agupuntural interventions.

3rd place

Opposite Inspiration

team / Denis Muca, Hysmet Ademi

country / Albania


jury comment's / More than an urban vision, the projects has been appreciated for its ability of creating poetic atmosphere through light and well-thought interventions.

honorable mentions

Sequences of Culture

team / Jonian Silaj

country / Netherlands


team / Heena Mistry

country / UK-Thailand

Symbiotic Futures

team / Bevin Liang

country / New Zealand

Urban Acupuncture

team / Ruggero Biondo, Daniele Moro, Emiliano Zitto

country / Italy


Wild Garden

team / Kostanty Mikołajczak, Marlena Śliwka

country / Poland


Low rise, high density

team / studioarch4, Ina Musai

country / Albania

Switching from Survived Space to Nice Place To Be

team / Lisiena Shazivari, Hysen Cifliku

country / Albania


no title

team / Arda Kadillari, Parashqevas Hasula, Saki Hajdari

country / Albania



team / Prisca Arosio, Caroline Urberger

country /


Let it be fun

team / Elisa Leoncini, Elena Aquilani

country / Italy


Upside down square

team / Gabriele Stancato, Matteo Baldissara, Valerio Perna

country / Italy


The Piazzetta

team / Xhoana Xristo

country / Albania


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