WORKSHOP#00 RIVIERA LAB Art, Architecture and Landscaping as tools for boosting improvement of life and social economic growth from 18th September to 25th September

Disclosing territorial potential is an challenging task in the Albanian informal context. The objective of the workshop is to use art, nature and local culture features to enhance the territory and valorize its potential. Through the creation of touristic itineraries, the strategy proposed will gather the beautiful landscapes of south Albania Riviera and its touristic potential aiming to territorial promotion and heritage valorization. The workshop uses a challenging multidisciplinary approach that gather different expertises. Architects, Urban Planners, Artists and Designers will be part of a participatory process with locals in order to let them show the territorial heritage and their perception. Then the workshopers will be asked to study a strategy for the territorial development and focus on selected areas, according to the potential theme identified. An initial mapping phase of the territorial heritage is the followed by  touristic potential analysis and the creation of itineraries differently characterized.

tutors / Besnik Aliaj, Sotir Dhamo, Antonino Saggio
assistant / Enrico Porfido and Eranda Janku

copyright © Polis Universiteti / Tirana Architecture Weeks