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Drop the Ionalism
OPEN LECTURE Sara Neves on the 4th October
from 3rd to 9th October

Beyond Form aims to stir the students’ restlessness, to cross from the idyllic scenarios of technical speculation, to the search for real solutions to the complex social frame that surrounds each one everyday. Taking into account the architecture’s base concepts, facts and information acquired through formal learning (like scale, proportion, light, ventilation, program relationships, interior/exterior, etc.) this workshop will explore the application of this knowledge into a concrete situation of the city that needs intervention. The students are invited to choose a specific place in the city, and make a transversal survey on it, in order to develop a small project at which the place will be the object of the workshop.  Beyond Form intends to share how we as architects work beyond the strict commissions, taking the responsibility for, in collaboration, identify “less visible” necessities and auto-propose tailored interventions, always “refusing the abstraction and generalization of principles, means and purposes, in the architectural process.”

tutors / Sara Neves and Filipe Estrela
assistant / Julian Veleshnja

copyright © Polis Universiteti / Tirana Architecture Weeks