WORKSHOP#04 CompleX_City
Quantum and Fractal Tirana: exploration of new methodologies for urban analyses and observations from 2nd to 12th October

The workshop is developed in the framework of the research: The transformation of the urban morphology of Tirana as a case study to outline new models for urban analyses and urban design hypotheses. Preliminary field survey and research bring evidence about Tirana as a specific urban condition where elements of self-regulations still play an important role aside the official planning system. This condition is reflected in specific patterning models still visible in Tirana. Therefore, the workshop will further investigate the initial assumptions, and will bring more evidence to support or reformulate the initial assumptions. Alternative theoretical approaches such as quantum city theory as the one that reconnected the world, object and subject (non-material aspects); as well as the sciences of chaos and complexity, the fractal approaches, as a matter of looking at the whole and investigate complexity (material aspects) will be adopted for observation and analyzing  techniques during the workshop. Amongst other this workshop is an opportunity to go through the mail stones of the scientific revolution and to better understand the paradigm shifts in architecture and urban design in parallel to this revolution. This will help to better understand how important is the point of view of the observer of urban phenomena and the influence this may have in further analyses and the final results.

tutors / Sotir Dhamo
assistants / Ermal Hoxha

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