[Architecture in Salzburg]

Exhibition curated by: PhD Saimir Kristo | U_POLIS

08th October2020 h. 10.00 

@POLIS University, live at: https://meet.google.com/yzs-ixmk-vih?authuser=1

This event was supported by the Austrian Embassy in Albania


Until the early 19th century, Salzburg was in a special political situation as an independent archdiocese, which was much wider than the present-day Austrian Province. For centuries, the ruling archbishops, following the example of Rome, commissioned Italian architects to design the city.

Residential area of ​​Salzburg (and the entire Papal State), making Salzburg a prominent Baroque city. In addition to the remarkable editions erected by ecclesiastical rulers – the Castle, the Cathedral and other churches, the Residenza, separate houses attached to a cathedral or large church (and numerous houses cities belonging to the largest monasteries) and the Mirabel and Helbrun Palaces – there are some considerable aristocratic residences, which as the houses of the city with its impressive courtyards and passages, are quite solid, with little decoration.

The eminent Baroque architect Johan Bernhard Fišer von Erlah designed some of the most outstanding Baroque masterpieces in the City and Province of Salzburg today; his main work, the University Church (College
collegial) is one of the main Baroque churches in Austria.