[Let’s talk about Shame!]

FA Platform Creatives Workshop

Fabio Ciaravella | Architecture of Shame

5th October/ 10th October 2020 h. 09.00 – 16.30

@POLIS University, live on the dedicated GClassroom


Fabio Ciaravella (Palermo, 1982), Architecture of Shame project director, teaches sociology for architecture and urban sociology at University of Florence Department of Architecture where he also holds the Social innovation and public art module within the graduated master Futuro Vegetale: plants, social innovation and design.

Focus of his research are the relationships between social science, architecture and art.

He has been fellow at MIT Art, Culture and Technology program in Boston and is part of the LabSo Sociological Laboratory on Design, Architecture and Territory. He is one of the co-founders Studio ++ artists group with which he has exhibited in Italy and abroad, creating exhibitions and interventions in the public space including the Terzo Giardino project, today a public park on the river banks of Arno in Florence.