[Reporting Housing Rights]

Artan Kacani | U_POLIS

05th October/ 10th October 2020 h. 09.00 – 16.30

@POLIS University, live on the dedicated GClassroom


Artan Kacani (1988) is Lecturer at POLIS University, dealing with projects and academic research on informal housing in Albania, with a specific focus on policy evaluation, housing rights and territorial impact. On 2019, Artan presented his doctoral research on Informal Settlements in Albania, “F.I.S.I.A assessment and the territorial impact. Measuring and comparing the policy efficiency and effectiveness of the U.A on informal areas in Tirana and Durrës region”. In 2018 he has been part of the Erasmus+ program in University of Minho in Portugal to focus more on studies regarding the territorial impact of expansive urban growth. From January to September 2017 has been part of the POLIS University Local Scientific Organizing Committee (L.O.C) for the coordination of European Network for Housing Research Conference, (TiranaENHR2017) held at POLIS University of Tirana. On January 2016 joins the team of POLIS University for the drafting of the General Local Plan (GLP) of Shkoder Municipality. Technical and methodological contribution has been given to the housing analysis and strategies for the compatibility of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) with the plan (GLP). On October 2015 joins the IDAUP Program, XXXI Cycle, on first year as PhD candidate. On the same year is enrolled for six months in an internship as specialist at the Regional Agency for the Legalization of the Informal Settlements in Albania (A.L.U.I.Z.N.I) into the Cartography Department of Durres Region. On December 2014 finishes the scientific master studies in Urban Planning and Policy Design at Politecnico di Milano. The final research thesis go to an analysis on the international development and cooperation programs in Albania in the last 20 years. An early experience on this field has been archived thanks to the internship at ‘Laboratorio di Cooperazione Internazionale’ at Politecnico di Milano on the same year. On 2012 finishes bachelor studies in Urbanistica e Pianificazione Territoriale at Politecnico di Milano with a research focus on housing stock in ‘casa popolare’ sector. He is author of various academic papers and newspaper articles on housing legalization and integration of vulnerable housing conditions.