[Martijn de Waal]

International Keynote Speaker

FULL PROFESSOR HvA Amsterdam (NL) – The Mobile city.nl FOUNDER

Wednesday 09th October 2020 h.11.00

@POLIS University, live online @https://meet.google.com/wgu-bbos-quo?authuser=1

This event was supported by the Embassy of the Kindgom of the Netherlands in Albania


Martijn de Waal (1972) is a writer and researcher with an interest in new media & public space.

I am currently working as a professor (lector) at the Lectorate of Play and Civic Media at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

During 2018 I functioned as the head of research for the faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries at that university.

Formerly I worked as an assistant professor in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I hold a PhD (2012) from the University of Groningen, where I was a member of the research group of practical philosophy, and the digital media & urban public space programme. In 2009 I spent a semester as a visiting scholar at the M.I.T. Center for Civic Media.

In November 2016 De Platformsamenleving was published, a book I co-authored with Jose van Dijck and Thomas Poell, with an updated English version The Platform Society appearing in the fall of 2018 with Oxford University Press.

In 2014 I wrote The City as Interface (Rotterdam: Nai010 Publishers), a book on the relation between digital media and the urban public sphere.

Other key books and articles include: The Hackable City, co-edited with Michiel de Lange; and The Hackable City Cahiers, edited with Michiel de Lange and Matthijs Bouw;  Responsive Urban Spaces, written with Frank Suurenbroek and Ivan Nio;  Owning the city: New media and citizen engagement in urban design (co-authored with Michiel de Lange); The Ideas and Ideals in Urban Media Theory (published in Foth. et. al. From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen, Cambridge: MIT Press 2012).

With Michiel de Lange, in 2007 I founded TheMobileCity.nl, an international think tank and research network on New Media and Urban Culture. Over the last few years we have organized a variety of conferences and workshops, in amongst other AmsterdamRotterdamShanghai and Shenzhen.

I was appointed as the general chair for the Media Architecture Biennale that will take place in Amsterdam and Utrecht in Spring 2021, and is organized as a collaboration between the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University and many local partners.

Some recent activities and research projects include Circulate on the design of local patforms for the circular economy; CoReUs on the design of Responsive Urban Spaces (led by Frank Suurenbroek); Straatwaarden (Street Values), a project focusing on changing practices of heritage-making in public space, led by Riemer Knoop from the Reinwardt Academy and Michiel Schwarz; The Hackable City, a research project on collaborative citymaking in the Network Society, and Design & The City, a four day event I curated on citizen-centered design approaches for the smart city.

In the past I have worked as a journalist for a broad variety of Dutch media such as de Volkskrant and VPRO Radio, served as a member of the board of the Dutch Media Fund and organized various workshops on digital media and interactive storytelling. I also contributed to Neville Mars study The Chinese Dream with a travelogue. I am currently chairing the grant program for Digital Culture at the Creative Industries Fund NL.