[Tirana, I Love You: Open Architecture and Everydayness in a Contemporary City]

FA Platform Creatives Workshop

Sonja Lakić

28th September / 2 October 2020 h. 09.00 – 16.30

@POLIS University, live on the dedicated GClassroom


Sonja Lakić is an architect and researcher with a PhD in Urban Studies. Her work evolves around the everydayness of architecture and lived forms of buildings, with a particular interest in anthropological and sociological aspects of architectural design and the built environment. Topics of her curiosity include open architecture and dialectical urbanism, buildings as living archives, notion of home(making), housing and informality, homeownership in the post-conflict societies. Sonja operates across different disciplines and scales, works visually and collects oral histories, practicing unconventional ethnography and storytelling mainly through photography and, as of recently, filmmaking. In 2020, her project “Apartment Biographies” that was selected for the Future Architecture Platform made her one of Future Architecture Fellows and assigned her with the “badge” she wears proudly and visibly.