[Towards Resilient Rivers]

Dr. Eriona Canga, Prof. Dr. Sherif Luarasi, Dr. Enkeleda Kucaj, Prof. Assoc. Elizabeta Susja, | U_POLIS | Lorenzo Pugliese, Aarhus University (DK)

28th September/ 02nd October 2020 h. 09.00 – 16.30

@POLIS University, live on the dedicated GClassroom


Albanian rivers have endured many changes due to over-exploitation of the resources or lack of management in the last thirty years. Until now we have seen the rivers as a source-and-sink entity. A source, from which we extract (water, hydropower energy, economic value: tourism, fishing, etc.), unfortunately, a sink of wastewater/urban waste discharges. We need a paradigm shift from the source-and-sink approach, toward how to go into resilient rivers approach. Nowadays, the terms resilience is widely used for the environment, cities, and more recently also for rivers.  According to the International River Foundation, river resilience is “…the capacity of a river system and its associated communities to quickly recover from disturbances, adapt to changes without collapsing, and to improve through innovation and implementation of resilience strategies”.

Therefore, there are three keywords associated with river resilience that aims to bring a paradigm shift on the way how communities should view, use, and manage the rivers, which are: Recover, Adaptation, and Improvement. These three keywords are powerful because they require a river-specific strategy and encapsulate a wide timeframe from the past to the future, (i.e., recover from the past disturbances, adapt in present, and improve in the future). This workshop, therefore, aims to enable the future experts (environmentalists, urban planners) to think and then propose solutions which are place-specific and consider the past, the present, and the future of a river and its connection with the community, dealing with problem-solving for (pollution, flooding, erosion, natural disasters), and restoration strategies, adaptation to natural disasters, inspire communities how to work toward having resilient rivers.

Keywords: Resilient rivers, pollution, biodiversity, river management, erosion, floods.