Science and the City | In the Era of Paradigm Shifts

[28 September – 11 October | POLIS University]

In 2020, a Covid-19 pandemic attacked the whole world and dominates our lives during the last months, infecting millions and killing thousands of people, and fostering new reflections about the impact of science and technology in our everyday life and public spaces.

Meantime, “Self-driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona, Where Robots Roam,” reads a New York Times article of March 19th, 2018, one day after the accident. These are just few examples among many others of the entanglement of science with life in the contemporary city. In the last thirty years, The IT Revolution has dramatically changed the urban landscape. The information has become an essential component of a new way of designing and thinking about a new urban environment. A whole generation of architects is introducing and transferring the digital world to a new reality of reactive, sensitive, interactive architectures.

The aim of Tirana Architecture Week 2020 is to draw current research and design practices, as well as theoretical speculations on the relationship between the paradigm shifts in science and urbanism; in other words, about the science and the city. Such mandate will be addressed in multiple scales and contexts, and from different perspectives within different fields of interest, directly or indirectly related to design, architecture, urban studies, sociology, environmental research, engineering, education, and pedagogy. This paradigm shift, led by science in its different forms, has deeply influenced our notion of the city and created a field of rich possibilities to define either the positive or negative impact of this new realm of influence!

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The Curatorial Team
PhD Skender Luarasi, PhD Valerio Perna


Due to the late developments of the Coronavirus crisis and measures taken globally by authorities, please note that there migt be slight changes of dates and selected events in a tentave to make TAW 2020 as much more resilient possible. So, stay in touch, follow our announcements, and join us!