Social Events

TAW – List of events 26.09 – 08.10


  • 26.09 – Hotel Tirana Opening Cocktail

Opening speech by the curators: the objectives of TAW and short presentation of the program.

  • 27.09 – Walk in the city

A tour of Tirana and its main locations. Introductions of the historical points of the city and urban areas and latest urban developments. Organized by Dr. Ermal Hoxha and Dr. Keti Hoxha.

  • 28.09 – Social night at the Terrace of Palace of Culture
  • 29.09 – Pecha Kucha at Destil Winter Garden

Presented and organized by Dr. Valerio Perna. Short presentations by all of the invited participants.

  • 30.09Community night at Tek Bunkeri as a gathering event for architectural talks and presentations (event co-organized by Mario Dine).
  • 03.10 – Exhibition at the Gallery of Destil LAB/Gallery or MAD Center
  • 04.10 – Social night at MARUBI
  • 05.10 – Albelectrica installation at POLIS University
  • 06.10 – VR Experience

Presentation from Samuel Mema (and Dr. Valerio Perna) at POLIS University + Innovation Camp + Italian Embassy Project

  • 07.10 – Open Air Expo at the lake (event co-organised by Mario Dine). An event with open air exhibitions of works made during the workshops.
  • 08.10 – Closing party at “Oborri”